Author: Keith Kennedy

Caring For The Web Design Of A Page To Improve SEO

by Keith Kennedy

Another essential aspect to take into account SEO, the web design of your page

With the latest changes in the Google algorithm, the web designer must work hand in hand with the SEO expert and vice versa. Otherwise, unless the SEO expert dominates programming issues or web designer web positioning techniques, our search engine positioning strategy will be outdated, and we may even be penalized for not having an accessible website.

This affirmation is not something that we have taken out of our sleeve. Several reports and especially Google itself gives importance to certain favours related to web design. It is, therefore, almost necessary to take into account these factors if we want to have a good position in the SERPs of Google and thus increase visits to our website.

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Factors To Take Into Account Web Design To Improve Our Web Positioning

by Keith Kennedy

In this article, we will see the factors that are now taken into account by Google to position a page better.

  • Load speed of the web. If Google passes your spider through a page that takes a long time to load, it may end up penalizing it or at least lowering it some positions. The algorithm wants fast webs, optimized so that it can be charged as soon as possible. It will be the job of the web design manager to try to maximize the site to the maximum. For this, you can install plugins that help in this task (in the case of WordPress), or try to reduce the images manually, compact the style sheets, etc.
  • Webs adapted for any size. The mobile era is now a reality, and recently Google has announced that it wants websites in its results that are tailored to mobile terminals. The web designer must make a responsive web design so that at all times you can consult our site in a reasonably acceptable way, regardless of whether the user enters from a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer. For this CSS3 has advanced a lot and using "@media," the themes can be adapted in a relatively simple way.
  • Meta tags I have not put the meta tags at the beginning because almost any web developer knows that it is the most important part of SEO. If you do not put a title or a description to web design, you are missing a great opportunity to tell the great search engine which are the keywords you want to position yourself for. By the way, the meta keyword tag was not used for a long time. By adding them, you will be making it easy for the competition to know why keywords are positioning you.

These are just some of the factors that Google is considering to position a website. But there are many more such as the presence of title tags on pages, bold text labels, etc.

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